Highly Secure File-Transfers With Arrowe

Arrowe’s highly secure file-transfer channel gives you peace of mind by protecting data in motion, and keeping confidential information off the cloud.

Safely send any file of any size directly to the recipient, without touching the cloud
No upload and download, simply drag and drop into the interface
Defense and insurance against bad actors and cyberattacks
Happy co-workers sharing files securely

Pay One Price And Use Arrowe Anywhere:


How Does Arrowe Work?

The processes of Arrowe

Using innovative technology that removes the need for a cloud or centralized server intermediary, users can send encrypted data directly between devices. Not only is Arrowe highly secure, but it also easily fits into your workflow. Simply connect, verify, and start sharing files securely in 30 seconds.

Secure-By-Design, Fully Private File Transfers

Hackers are often able to bypass standard security measures and encryption. Arrowe has created a zero-trust system by completely removing a centralized point of failure, making your data almost inaccessible to hackers. Not even we can see your data.

Graphic demonstrating Secure-By-Design, Zero-Trust Architecture

Send Limitless Types Of Files, Of Any Size, At Any Time

Do you need to send a massive video or backup a huge database? Not a problem. Arrowe’s unique architecture means you can send any file of any size and you won’t be charged more for it.

Graphic of co-worker sending many big video files to another

End-To-End Encryption And Fraud Detection

Arrowe takes your data security even further with 256-bit encryption on all data in transit and at rest. We also have built-in-mechanisms to alert peers of potential fraud or user impersonation.

Graphic of one co-worker sending a confidential file to another co-worker
Preview of Arrowe dashboard
Designed for your workflow

Safely Share Your Business Data Anywhere With Arrowe's Suite Of Apps

Use Arrowe on any device with our Web App, Microsoft Teams or Slack, based on your preference and send unlimited files up to 1GB in size on-the-go. For heavy duty, truly limitless sending and boosted send speeds use our included desktop app for Mac, Windows and Linux.

No credit card required
Let us show you around

Security That Always Has Your Back

Intuitive Drag And Drop Functionality

We make security easy with an interface anyone can use. Drag and drop files or even folders and let Arrowe compress, zip and encrypt the files for you within milliseconds with its smart-detect technology.

Graphic of an easy to use, drag and drop interface.

Here's Why People Love Arrowe

Blue Startups Logo

Blue Startups invested in Arrowe because their technology has several applications in the business collaboration space. We've vetted a lot of startups and their tech stands out.

Chenoa FarnsworthManaging Partner @ Blue Startups

Our collections team loves how easy it is to securely send sensitive files and the comfort that comes with this level of protection. We have been using it daily and we're very happy with how easily it fits into our workflow.

Diane ShermanExecutive Director @ CIPN Law Firm

Arrowe really addresses our issues regarding the challenges associated with sending extremely large files to clients and the high costs of storing all those large files on our server. We are so happy to have an easy to use and cost-effective solution!

Erica Mau-SchankCEO & Founder @ Vibe Marketing

Choose A Plan That's Right For You

1-year plan
1-month plan
Save 50%
INDIVIDUAL$9.99/ monthper user, billed annually+ 3 EXTRA months
Unlimited file-sharing bandwidth
Unlimited end-to-end encryption
Web, Teams, Slack and Desktop logins
Up to 100 peers per room
Complete file control
Access on any platform
24/7 priority support
Corporate security audit
save 70%
ENTERPRISE$CUSTOM/ monthper user, billed annually+ 3 EXTRA months
Everything from the Individual plan
Centralized user provisioning
Audit logs

Setting A New Standard For Cybersecurity

Arrowe's technology is built in line with the latest cybersecurity standards to protect your data now and into the far future.

AI And Quantum Proof Design

Future AI and quantum computers will make modern encryption obsolete. The only way to protect your data is to make it invisible to these technologies with Arrowe's serverless solution.

Zero-Trust Architecture

Not even we have access to your data. Share sensitve files with confidence knowing that Arrowe's unique design is working hard to keep them safe.

Secure Authentication

We use industry leading authentication techniques to ensure your employee's accounts are protected. We can also integrate with your existing authentication for ease-of-use and compliance.